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What is Hattiloo Theatre?

Hattiloo Theatre is a black repertory theatre company that stages at least seven major productions and six special performances every season. Our goal is to highlight the diversity of Black artistic expression, including music, theatre, and dance. Hattiloo obtained its non-profit 501(c)(3) status in March of 2006 and produced its first full-length play on September 22nd of that same year. The Theatre is located at 656 Marshall Avenue, just off of Union Avenue (less than a block away from historic Sun Studio). Nestled perfectly between Downtown and Midtown, Hattiloo Theatre has taken its seat at the heart of Memphis's rapidly growing arts scene.

What is Black repertory?

A repertory theatre presents works from a specific repertoire or sub-genre. In Hattiloo's case, we proudly specialize in producing plays authored by Black writers. We are committed to deepening multicultural understanding and delivering a high-quality artistic product to the Memphis community.

What's in a name?

Hattiloo Theatre was founded by Ekundayo Bandele. The word ‘Hattiloo' is a combination of the nicknames of Ekundayo's two daughters: Hatshepsut ("Hatti") and Oluremi ("Loo").

Why do we need Hattiloo?

Hattiloo is an accessible arts gateway for a large number of underserved Memphians. We bring the magic of creative expression to parts of the community that may not otherwise have such ready access to high-quality performing arts. Our productions are geographically accessible to Memphis's inner city, and they closely reflect the demographics of the community. We also pride ourselves on spotlighting talented black playwrights whose works are sometimes under-celebrated in the arts community.