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Its My Hattiloo
“Walls and a roof make it a theater. Local artists and ideas make it a home... and that's why it's my Hattlloo.”
-Craig Brewer, filmmaker

Hattiloo Black Theatre Museum

August Wilson won the Pulitzer Prize twice and more New York Drama Critics Circle Awards than any other playwright in history. Even so, few people are familiar with his cycle of 10 plays that depict aspects of the African-American experience through the 20th century. Still less is known about Rose McClendon who co-founded America's first Black theatre as a component of President Franklin Roosevelt's Federal Theatre Project.

Hattiloo's mission is to develop a Black theatre that is accessible to, relevant to, and reflective of a multicultural community. We consider it our responsibility to educate the public on the subject of the Black presence that has emanated throughout American theatre. And so we, created the Black Theatre Museum - 71 walls that comprise four exhibits that represent Reconstruction (minstrelsy, black face); Early 20th Century (Vaudeville, the Black presence on Broadway); Civil Rights (McCarthyism, the Black Power Movement); and Afrocentrism (Black expression through the arts).

This is a mobile museum available for rent. You can provide this experience in whole or in part, for your students, community, church, or employees. All that we require is a large open space. For more information, please email office@hattilootheatre.org.


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The "Ruben Santiago-Hudson" Workshop

Mr. Ruben Santiago-Hudson wrote Lackawanna Blues, appeared on Broadway's Jelly's Last Jam and received the 1996 Tony Award for August Wilson's Seven Guitars. Screen credits include Coming to America, American Gangster, and more. Come and enjoy Mr. Santiago- Hudson in a Hattiloo workshop!

Saturday September 6, 2014 @ 10AM
Hattiloo's Main Stage Memphis, TN

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