Its My Hattiloo
“A dwelling where our community's passion and creativity come alive... and that is why it's my Hattiloo!”
-Kathy Buckman Gibson, supporter

Children's Theatre


October 16 - 26, 2014

Four children discover a wardrobe in an old house that leads to the magical land of Narnia. The children help Aslan, a talking lion, save Narnia from the evil White Witch, who has reigned over the land of Narnia for a century of perpetual winter with no Christmas.


March 5 - 15, 2015
Black Box

Jack goes to the market to sell the family cow and a stranger offers him beans for the cow. Jack takes the beans and the next morning there is a giant beanstalk. Jack climbs the beanstalk up through the clouds and sees a castle - the home of a giant. He goes into the castle and steals a singing harp and a hen that lays golden eggs. The giant chases after him and follows him down the beanstalk.


Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays: 7:30p
Saturday Matinees: 2p
Sunday Matinees 3p
No late seating. Plays run 4 - 5 weeks.