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Our Facilities. . .

The Main Stage
Hattiloo's main stage is a 75-seat theatre. The modest, intimate setting perfectly accommodates a wide variety of theatrical genres without distracting from the artists' performances. The main theatre is available for private rentals. Please contact us for more information.

Black Box Theatre
The Hattiloo Black Box Theatre is right next door to the main building (at 652 Marshall). It houses the Children's theatre, monthly concerts, and theatre classes. It is available for rentals. Please contact us for more information about renting the Black Box Theatre.

The Theatre Lobby
The lobby of Hattiloo Theatre is a quaint and inviting space replete with modern furnishings, an elevated stage, and even a small bar. It confortably accommodates up to 50 guests. We often rent the space for social gatherings, spoken word, and listening parties. Please contact us for more information about renting the lobby for your next event.

Gift Shop
Patrons can always showcase their support for Hattiloo by purchasing our unique paraphrenalia. The onsite Gift Shop is fully stocked with Hattiloo merchandise of all kinds, including books, CDs, t-shirts, travel mugs, and much more. And now ... check out our Online Gift Shop!

Check out our Online Gift Shop!
Stock up on Hattiloo memorabilia from
the comfort of your computer!

The Gift Shop is open
one hour prior to curtain,
at intermission, and
after every performance.