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Board of Directors


On the shoulders of giants. . .

Every great organization has great leders. Hattiloo is governed by a magnificent volunteer Board of Directors. Our board is a diverse cross section of the Memphis professional scene and includes some of the most respected, accomplished, and influential people in the area. Despite their busy lives and countless other commitments, the members of the Board have graced Hattiloo Theatre with 100% participation. We are extremely grateful for their generous service and commitment to Hattiloo's mission.

Hattiloo Theatre
Board of Directors



Board Chair:
Cardell Orrin
Linx Consulting

Cardell is a founding Board member, and January of 2011 marks the start of his second term as Board Chair.


Board Vice Chair
Sharon Goodloe
Memphis City Schools

Sharon has served on the Board for three years and is Chair of the Artists' Concierge Committee.


Board Secretary:
Joseph Grubbs
Community Volunteer

Joseph is one of our newest members, having joined the Board at the beginning of Season Five.


Board Treasurer:
Gideon Scoggin

Bank Tennessee

Gideon is a founding Board member and has been with Hattiloo since 2006.





Jennifer Gilbert
Health Choice/Methodist Hospital

Jennifer is one of our newest members, having joined the Board at the beginning of Season Five.


Susan A. Hinsley
Butler, Sevier, Hinsley,
& Reid PLLC

Susan has served on the Board for three years.


Gretchen Wollert McLennon
Hyde Family Foundations

Gretchen has served four years on the Board.




Michael de Caetani
Deca Global

Michael served as the first Board Chair in 2006 and was a founding member of Hattiloo's Board of Directors.



Hattiloo Theatre
Executive / Artistic Director

Ekundayo Bandele

Ekundayo Bandele was raised in Brooklyn, New York. After attending Tennessee State University, writing a novel, and traveling across Europe, "Ek" settled in Memphis and quickly emersed himself in the arts. He started by getting his feet wet with a few smaller ventures until finally, in 2006, he resolved to devote all of his time and energy Hattiloo Theatre and its ground-breaking black repertory.

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